AMPLIFIERS: Coaxial, microwave, multi-channel, narrowband, power, pulse, RF, RF power, triode, tube, wideband. CAVITIES: Microwave, uplink transmitter, cavity oscillator. FILTERS: Coaxial. GENERATORS: Frequency, microwave, pulse, RF, power RF. MICROWAVE: Cavities fixed/tunable, components, subsystems, ground/ship-based. OSCILLATORS: Cavity oscillators, fixed, tunable, microwave, power, pulse, RF, UHF/VHF(300 MHz - 3 GHz, 3000 MHz), variable frequency, VCO, voltage tuned. RADAR: Commercial, ground/ship-based, weather, military, systems. SIMULATORS: Radar, systems, training equipment. TEST EQUIPMENT:Microwave

Pro-Comm offers an array of products, including high power, UHF, L-band, S-band, C-band, microwave frequency amplifier and oscillator devices, high power miniature transmitters, radar simulators, triode oscillators, RF oscillator source systems, remote program capable drivers/systems, and lab test equipment.  

If you need pulsed, CW, fixed-tuned, or tunable devices in the range of 600 MHz to 2000 MHz with powers up to 100 kW, contact us.

We design RF Microwave Transmitters,  Amplifiers, Drivers, Oscillators and Systems. Our equipment covers a broad array of uses.  Cellular-band testing.  Medical device applications.  Powering Klystrons for applications such as Food Sterilization, Nuclear Interactions in materials, Cross-linking of Polymers, Super voltage Computed Tomography, and more.  

We design our products to suit your needs, and have a facility dedicated to the manufacture and servicing of those products.

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to be of service.

Pro-Comm, Inc.

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