Quality Statement:

Pro-Comm Inc. is committed to providing high quality products and outstanding customer service.  We operate within a quality and good manufacturing system, including MIL standard quality inspections and MIL-I-45208, to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality.   

The following is an excerpt from a recent customer assessment report that exemplifies the standard and commitment at Pro-Comm, Inc:

“Pro-Comm has gone the extra mile to ensure they deliver high quality oscillators at a reasonable cost and in accordance with agreed-upon delivery schedules. Pro-Comm has been accessible and has coordinated with our Management office whenever they have had any problems, concerns, or simply to update the delivery schedules. The level of professionalism expressed by the contractor was reflected by their actions to ensure their testing meets our specifications.  The level of experience and expertise is clearly reflected on the quality of the repairs they complete for the us. The quality of work Pro-Comm technicians are doing truly reflects their ability to deliver serviceable defect-free assets ahead of schedule. These factors have allowed us to distribute the Pro-Comm product to the field users in a timely fashion, thereby meeting the mission needs.”

Pro-Comm, Inc. is an equal opportunities employer.

Quality Statement

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