PC-9002 MF*Oscillator/Power Supply system

Housed within a sturdy chassis built of aircraft aluminum for both light weight and added strength, this Pro-Comm, Inc. RF system  combines our tried-and-true power supply along with an RF plug-in module system that allows the user to have an array of frequency ranges and powers on hand without requiring several separate complete systems.

We offer this plug-in module as a fully capable unit housing any of our grid-pulsed cavity oscillators, as well as any solid state module that fits your frequency/power requirement.

Ordering is simple.  All you need do is order the PC-9002-MF power supply, and then choose one of our cavity oscillators (or if you donít see one listed here, let us know your specs) and we will mate that with our plug-in tray.  The tray is universal, so you can order as many different bandwidths as you require over, over any span of time and each will fit the PC-9002MF power supply  module.

Inquire more about this new item today, and let Pro-Comm continue to be your best source for RF Microwave Cavity Oscillators, RF amplifiers and RF Systems.  

PC-2500-3K-A PEP Tester

3 kilowatts, 2.3 - 2.7 GHz bandwidth.  

Housed either in its own singular unit or incorporated into our PC-9002 Oscillator/Power Supply System.

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